Delicious Shizuoka tea delivery and nationwide from the foot of Mt. Fuji
♦ tea "also urge(Cover)"Did. About a week before the tea leaf harvest tea leaves with insulation from the rays of the Sun(Even too much)Rocky Mountains. This "hearty sauce(Cover)"The complete classy quality fresh delicious tea by tea leaves are soft, further thicken the leaf chlorophyll, amino acids to increase further. Photo ", EMI takes(Waseda varieties)"Into white" also urge(Cover)"Is working in. Black "muffled cliff(Cover)"Also to block solar light and solar heat, white" also urge(Cover)"Well suited.

White "also urge(Cover)The "with EMI taking(Waseda varieties)"And the fresh snow of Mt. Fuji
Fuji Park tea at the southern foot of Mt. Fuji (nannroku), elevation 200 to minimize pesticide is located 300 m high, fog frequently occur in(Less than half of normal)The cultivation in organic quality fertilizer and, politely made at its own factories.
Please secure self Park farm shop, tasty tea sush.

It is recommended for tea lovers very because it is very rare for high tea.
Also in the gift-giving delighted we are.

For more information see Fuji Yamamoto Miya Asama shrine website.

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