Please order if Shizuoka tea-Shizuoka Fuji Park at the foot of Mt. Fuji (foot), tea.
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Tea garden management

2016May, 4 pm

♦ tea”This struggle(Cover)”Did. About a week before the tea leaf harvest tea leaves with insulation from the rays of the Sun(Even too much)Rocky Mountains. This”This struggle(Cover)”By created refined quality fresh delicious tea by tea leaves are soft, further thicken the leaf chlorophyll, amino acids to increase further. Photos”And EMI takes(Waseda varieties)”In white”This struggle(Cover)”Work while it is. Black”This struggle(Cover)”Also to block solar light and solar heat, white”This struggle(Cover)”Suitable for. Video is here-> https://White”This struggle(Cover)The”And EMI takes(Waseda varieties)”と新緑・残雪の富士山Languageこのページは、機械翻訳を使用して翻訳されています。内容が100%正確でない場合がありますのでご了承ください

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