Please order if Shizuoka tea-Shizuoka Fuji Park at the foot of Mt. Fuji (foot), tea.
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2017March, 16th. : Of the planting of tea break
本社の庭にも 鶯が鳴き始めました。

2017年3月9日 : MYBRAND tea at home
MYBRAND tea at home
Up by blending the tea with a characteristic taste.!!!
In addition
He will come this year's kawaii bird tea cans. In a limited period of time to do.

2017On March 1st. : Prospective students & hay fever prevention!
3 monthIn the sunshine it is getting warmer
For prospective students in a tea factory, huh,Stay awakeConcentration UPThe tea gifts on sale!

Tea with gold foilAnd,

Our popular No.1The flavor is sweet"On by tea.Such as!

Equipped with a message to encourage prospective students
Now what!Dharma tea canisterWe are with you
During your visit please check it out!


In addition, this season Hay troubles for the not to be missed!
Hay fever prevention tea"Popular"The is a guide.
Can absorb the whole tea nutritionPowders other fuuki tea
Easy to carryStick typeAnd,

DealsPack typeWe offer

In addition, "but want to cope with hay feverGreen tea scentWant to enjoy more! "The people who like tea,
Popular for leaf typeWe strongly suggest we are.

Now what,3 bagAnd1,980 yenGet and buy it is.
Please purchase this opportunity!

Asagiri food Park in
Asagiri tea workshop Fuji Park

Fujinomiya city root primordia 449-17

2017On February 23. : It's exam season.
It's exam season.
Spring sooner or later, Fuji garden cheer toy included.

2017On February 18. : Today, on what day?
Valentine's day
Asagiri tea factory in Japanese tea favors
(2gx5)Tea bags
We offer.

We planned so hard.