Please order if Shizuoka tea-Shizuoka Fuji Park at the foot of Mt. Fuji (foot), tea.
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Asagiri tea workshop

The "Road Station Asagiri plateau",
Asagiri food Park in tea workshop Fuji Park.
In front of Mt. Fuji is just stunning!
Fuji please take a look at travelers.

Tea Studio Fuji Park
In addition, we offer a sweets like ice cream with homemade green tea powder.
Brewed tea instructor in fresh tea hospitality.
Take a look at Fuji garden enjoy the flavour of the tea leaves of Mt. Fuji.

Tea Studio Fuji Park, views magnificent Mt. Fuji just around the corner from large Windows and wooden deck.
Soft serve ice cream sprinkled with homemade green tea powder and set for refreshments with tea of your choice to choose the variety still tea taste and fun available and, looking forward.

We provide hands-on
Pick your favorite tea from the several different types of tea, add in the can is brendt you just completed.

Breathtaking views! Point shooting

There will be tea factory right next to Mt. Fuji with background celebration taking place.
Memories of your visit please take a nice picture.